Meet The Shennies

Tom Brackley [Guitar & Vocals]  |  Pat Preston [Lead Guitar]
Jakey Kennerson [Bass]  |  Dave Welch [Drums]

Shen Panthers are an indie surf rock outfit from Coolum Beach, QLD Australia. The band loves to make tunes that people can get a lil’ fruity to. The boys don’t mind a few cold afternoon beers and aim to write music that can be enjoyed in these types of lovely moments.

The formation of the band during the pandemic gave ample time for crafting a unique sound. A tidy mix of delicate echoing rhythms blended with driving leads and punchy drums and bass.

The tail end of 2020 has seen the release of two singles to give the public a taste of what’s been cooking. There is an EP in the pipeline that channels coastal Australian indie rock with a few teaspoons of their funk, blues and heavy rock influences – adding some spicy flavour to the mix.

The Shennies already have a whole lot of exciting things lined up for 2021 and can’t wait to get out there and share the love.